Full range: from prepping the seeds, planting, harvesting, drying, cleaning, grading & peeling - ready for selling!

3-ERME PLM Garlic & Onion Mechanical Planters

Simple & efficient planting systems. Easy & fast no tool spoon change, according to the clove grade.

5-ERME RL Garlic Harvester Binders

Systems where performance & tradition guarantee the quality of the garlic. By binding, assured natural drying & conservation.

7-ERME DET Garlic Soil Cleaning Lines

Eliminate the soil from your garlic for the most efficient drying process & optimal quality of the product.

9-ERME PE300 - Garlic Peeler 300Kg-h


11-ERME DRY - Garlic Drying Systems

Mechanization of garlic growing.

2-ERME E150-E600 Garlic Splitters

Solutions adapted to your needs. Preserve garlic quality with our technical & innovative systems.

4-ERME PLP Garlic & Onion Pneumatical Planters

Innovative systems to optimize precision & the gain of planting time. Easy & fast no tool disc change, according to the clove grade.

6-ERME RE Garlic Harvester Toppers

Systems where performance & precision guarantee the quality of the garlic. By topping, assured time saving after harvest.

8-ERME SPE Garlic Various Equipment

Modular systems for finishing operations: cleaning, grading, peeling...

10-ERME PE300 Garlic Peeler Details



12-ERME - Erme Specialist in Garlic Machinery

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