“Who are we”

The Rietveld family has a long history of farming, dating back to 1800’s when they were raising onion sets and various vegetable crops. John Rietveld starting distributing equipment from Europe to facilitate more sales of the onion sets by mechanizing the planting process. This business also required more modern grading equipment for the family’s onion sets, which is where the relationship with Allround Vegetable Processing started and grew. Now having many Allround machines in our onion facility, and with the experience of importing agricultural machines from Europe, John Rietveld became the U.S. distributor for Allround Vegetable Processing. With this growing business requiring frequent travel to Europe, John started working with owner of Allround, Huib Smit, to be introduced to some of the top machine builders in the industry. This became the start of our Partnership of Companies. John and Huib became focused on helping their U.S. customers get introduced to machine manufacturers that were very successful all over the world, but did not a large presence in the U.S. John is now in constant contact with these partners by almost daily videocalls and by traveling to Europe several times a year. We are constantly giving our Partners feedback about the U.S. market and specific needs that the U.S. products demand. With John’s history of being a grower, packer, and shipper of onions, he has extensive knowledge of the machinery as well as the market in the U.S. While the Rietveld family is still active in producing fresh vegetables for their seasonal Farm Stand on their farm, the primary business is Equipment sales all across the U.S. Now having installed and servicing machines in more than 20-states, Rietveld Equipment has several technicians that travel all across the country. Our proximity to O’Hare airport facilitates extremely short travel times. We also have developed a great working relationship with Greg Kemp, owner of Kemp Machine Company in Washington State. Greg handles sales and service to much of the Northwest States for Rietveld Equipment and it’s Partners, and his extensive experience in project management has proven very valuable on several large projects. Greg also has his experienced technicians available for installing and servicing customers of Rietveld Equipment, which makes our response-time and installation power that much better. We continue to add Partners to our team to make sure we can fulfill the needs of our customers.

“Key Points of Rietveld Equipment”

“Timeline of Rietveld Equipment”